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While Valiant City Restoration can work with a wide variety of gutter types the following are what we work with the most.  We can also recommend the best materials for your needs.

Half-Round gutters

Half round gutters offer you an old style, high end look with great functionality. We can build and design half round gutters out of almost any metal, offering you multiple color choices, textures and a wide range of durability. Most of our half round gutters are made from copper, lead coated copper, and paint grip steel.

Box Gutters

Box gutters, being the most functional on the market, offer a clean and crisp look for your commercial property or home. With sizes ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches, box gutters are one of the most popular gutter systems on the market. Box gutters are very discrete and blend well with most metal or flat roofs to give you a crisp look. Box gutters are typically made from paint grip steel or aluminum.

K Style

K-Style gutters are the most traditional gutter on the market, offering one of the quickest installs with a wide color selection. Most k-style gutters are made with aluminum; however they can be made with copper, paint grip steel, and lead coated copper. K-style gutters offer great functionality for your home or business with a crisp and clean look.

Collection boxes

Collection boxes offer a great look to your homes exterior while assisting with the functionality. We can design and build collection boxes with endless customization and material options. Typically, collection boxes are made of copper, lead coated copper, paint grip steel, and aluminum. The functionality of collection boxes assist in draining water in high traffic areas by tying together two downspouts, minimizing washout in the landscape, flower beds and yards.


Downspouts are a crucial part of your gutter system. The downspout is what drains the water from the gutter onto or into the ground and drainage system. It is imperative that your downspouts are designed and built to the proper size in accordance to your gutter choice and size. Downspouts can be custom built to accent the exterior of your home with a wide variety of color choice and material choices such as copper, lead coated copper, paint grip steel, and aluminum.