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While Valiant City Restoration can work with a wide variety of roof types the following are what we work with the most.  We can also recommend the best materials for your needs.


Slate is one of the most unique and all natural products on the market and is one of the most durable and longest lasting roofing products.  Slate is quarried out of the ground, hand split and hand crafted specifically for your roof.  Slate can be classified as a Class 3, up to Class 4, hail rating depending on the thickness of the slate. Slate color options range from dark blacks to lighter gray colors as well as a variety of green, brown, purple, and red. Ask us about our 100-year warranty on our recommended slate.

Clay Tile

Clay tile represents one of the top 3 of strongest, most durable, and best-looking roofs on the market. Clay tile roofs can be customized and hand selected to get you exactly what you have always dreamed of. Having custom molds made, we can virtually make any design or color you are looking for all while giving you a Class 4 hail rating and a 100-150-year life span. Clay tile roofs require very little maintenance with a moderate time frame on the install. Ask us about our historical clay tile selection.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is very similar the to clay tile and slate in durability, strength and aesthetics. With a wide color selection and various profiles to choose from you can get the exact look you are wanting. Concrete tile offers a Class 4 hail rating with a 50-60- year life span, as well as minimal maintenance, if any.

Metal & Copper

Metal roofs add a very clean and crisp look to your home or business. With a wide variety of metal panels or custom-made panels we can build and design the exact roof you are looking for. Depending on the thickness, metal roofs come with a Class 3 to Class 4 hail rating and a 50-year life span. With a very quick install and little to no maintenance, metal roofs are highly recommended. Ask us about our copper roofs with a 100-150- year life span with no rust or corroding guaranteed. Just the same as metal, copper can be designed and fabricated to any look that you would like. By hand crafting each and every piece on site this is a truly custom roof.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are one of the most popular roofing systems on the market for commercial buildings and more modernized homes. There is a wide color selection, as well as texture and functionality. Depending on the material chosen and the thickness of that material, flat roofs offer a Class 3 hail rating with a 20-30 year life span and warranty. You will have some maintenance regularly on a flat roof however, it comes with a very easy and clean install. Ask us about our yearly maintenance packages for our flat roofs and commercial properties today.

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is an up and coming product made to resemble traditional slate tile and wood shake. Synthetic slate is one of the most hail resistant products on the market offering a Class 4 hail rating with a 50 year life span. This product is made from recycled plastics that are melted down into beaded polymers then injected into a mold to get a slate or wood shake look. This product requires very little to no maintenance with a very quick and clean install.

Wood Shake

Wood shake being one of the most traditional roofing systems on the market still lingers in the top 5 systems for durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Depending on the thickness of the shakes this product will offer a Class 3 to a Class 4 hail rating with a 50 year life span.