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Valiant City Restoration

Valiant City Restoration Specialities

While Valiant City Restoration can work with a wide variety of siding types the following are what we work with the most.  We can also recommend the best materials for your needs.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding offers a great look to your home or business with outstanding functionality. There is a wide range of color choices along with profile types from 4-inch straight boards to vertical board on batten giving you the opportunity to get exactly the look you are dreaming of. Depending on the thickness and profile type selected there is very little to no maintenance with a very quick and easy install. Ask us about our insulated vinyl siding options to help improve your utility cost.

Stucco & Efis

Stucco and EIFS are one of our favorite siding types for functionality, repairability, and aesthetics. We can offer many custom finishes with almost any color you can imagine by using high quality Sherman Williams paint mixed in with our finish coats. Stucco is applied in a few layers by starting with the concrete and metal mesh covered by two layers of the stucco base coat topped off with two layers of the colored finish coat. This product requires very little maintenance and and is designed to last you a lifetime.

Stone and Brick

Being possibly the the most traditional siding type along with stucco you cannot go wrong with brick or stone. We can offer a wide variety of material options from traditional clay brick to river stone, cast stone, lime stone, pebble stone, and much much more. Brick and Stone Siding require very little maintenance with an extremely crisp and clean look being designed specially to your needs.


Wooding siding is also a very traditional siding type with great functionality, repairability and durability. Many wood siding types can withstand the worst storms, while only having to be re-stained or painted afterwards rather than replaced. We can offer many profiles from straight boards to a vertical wood shake look easily being painted or stained to give you the look you have always wanted.